Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's day - Breakthrough

Twenty six years ago today, International Women's day, I married into a violent and abusive relationship. Today, I am in New York at the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women. This years theme is Ending Violence against Women and Girls.Today I attended the launch of a campaign called One Million Men, One Million Promises aimed at engaging men and boys in bringing an end to violence against women. It was an inspiring event co-hosted by Mallika Dutt, the Founder of Breakthrough and Sir Patrick Stewart who gave a very emotive account of his experience of domestic violence due to his father's untreated PTSD. The clear message is that we can all do our part and asks us each to make a promise....My personal experience of domestic violence was a result of my ex-husbands mental health issues, the root of which was due to his experiences as a child.....MY PROMISE is to work with men to help them heal their issues and root causes to help eliminate violence, not only against women all humanity. What is your promise?.....please go to Breakthrough's Facebook page to make your promise or for those not on Facebook -

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