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Purple Primrose February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friend,
As this is the first of my newsletters this year I will take this opportunity to wish you a belated Happy New Year. Personally I feel 2013 is going to be a very special year and that excites me very much.
I am just back from a two month trip to Mexico and Peru which was a very deep and powerful experience for me on many levels. I have returned whole and full, enriched and enlightened and ready for what 2013 has to offer me.
When we passed the tipping point of 21st December 2012 we stepped into a new era, a new age.....I was blessed to be in the land of the Maya at that time. The energy of the new era is very different. We are now in an era where equality and unity are at the forefront. We are leaving behind the patriachal and matriachal eras. Now is a time for men and women to stand together in unity. In the traditional role the man/men would provide the container, the support within in which the woman/women would be able to flow, to do what they are here to do, this is a role which is still relevant today and enables men to step back into their power, to find their identities again. Another more modern day view, it that men and women will walk side by side in their respective roles, in fulfilling what they are here to do. As I say this I would remind you that we are each here, every one of us, to fulfill a specific soul purpose which was agreed and set before we incarnated into this life. We have all chosen , on a soul level, to be here on this planet at the most important time in history. A time when humanity is waking up, becoming conscious of our dual nature of human and spiritual beings, awakening to the potential that we are capable of. The ability to co create our lives on an individual and global scale. Anything is possible.
As we begin this new era perhaps it is time to ask, if you not already doing so: What is my soul purpose? What have I come here to do? What kind of world would I like to create, for myself and for future generations?
The answers to these questions are deep inside you, we are all born with all the information we need, within ourselves. However, when we reincarnate we forget the information and/or forget how to access it.
There are many ways to help you remember, meditation is one path, shamanic journeying is another. In the coming months I will be running workshops to help you remember, to help you find these answers. In the meantime I am available for individual sessions where you can learn to undertake the shamanic journey and from there access the deepest places within your Self.
The energy of the new era is also calling us to leave the wounds of the past behind us once and for all. You may be finding that things from the past that you thought you had dealt with are surfacing again at this time. This is because they need to be released, we cannot walk comfortably through life within this new energy while we are bound by these wounds. By the old energy. Again there are many ways for you to deal with and clear these issues. My  healing work involves clearing the physical and energy bodies of the imprints of this old energy. I am also able to help you to recover parts of yourself that you have lost touch with, aspects which many have become disconnected as a result of trauma. So if you are experiencing any of these things please know that I am available to help you with this. Depending on how ready you are to release these energies, it may only take one session to undo a lifetime of misery or disconnection. This deep clearing and soul healing can also help you to clear the imprints from past lives and issues/patterns that you are not consciously aware of.
So if you feel ready to take the steps towards a new you, a new way of being and a new life/world then know that I am just a call or email away if you would like me to help you to help yourself.
I also have a few events already planned for the coming month:

Munay Ki : These shamanic rites are energy transmissions which help you to heal your past, open and enhance your ability to connect with the invisible world of spirit  and much more. They encode your energy field to align with the energy of the new era and assist in the process of becoming a conscious co-creator of your life. These 9 Rites are divided over 3 ceremonies:

Foundation Rites Ceremony -  Sunday 10th February - 6pm - 10pm
By donation - suggested exchange/ayni - £20 - booking essential

I shall be taking a stall at the Body & Soul fair in Glasgow on 16th & 17th February. Please note that the venue has changed and the fair will be held at the Mitchell Library from 11-5pm on both days.
At the fair  I shall be offering short sessions of energy healing, foot massage and head massage. Please note that I am unable to offer the deeper soul healing work at the fair as I do not consider if an appropriate environment for such work. 
Please contact me if you would like to pre-book a session for the fair 

On 19th March I am collaborating with my friend Antony Sammerhof who will be using my workshop space to offer the following important workshop:
Enrich Your Life and Relationships with Healthy Emotional Expression
This workshop is designed to help you improve your relationship with yourself and others through healthy emotional expression, empathic listening and conflict resolution approaches.
What you will learn:
- What are our emotions and what place do they have within our experience of life?
- How do we enrich friendships, associations and romantic relationships by connecting with our feelings and the feelings of others? Even when they may seem unpleasant overwhelming.
- What can our emotions teach us about the way we think and what we want to get out of our lives? And how do we use emotions we may find problematic to learn about ourselves and enrich our lives instead of limit us.
- How do we express our preference without making demands, imposing upon others or laying blame and give us the best possible opportunity to meet one another’s needs?
- How do we relate to others effectively with empathy in ways that help them process their own unpleasant emotions and bring us closer together as friends, associates or partners?
- How do we resolve interpersonal disputes peacefully and effectively in ways that deepen friendship and relationships rather than separating us from one another.
 Date: 19th March 2013 - 6.30-9.30pm - £25 booking essential 
I am hoping that throughout the year I will be offering healing sessions, workshops and ceremonies in the Highlands in particular Inverness, Strathpeffer, Contin, Nairn and Findhorn. If you or anyone you know are interested in my work please let me know so I can make arrangements with you. My first visit this year is likely to be towards the end of March.
Before I leave you may I also wish you a Happy Imbolc  this Celtic festival celebrates the reawakening Earth after the winter slumber and the potential of manifestation that is inherent at these times.  May you use these energies well.
With much love
07969 027651

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