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May Newsletter and Events

Purple Primrose Health and Healing May Newsletter
Dear Friends
There is a lot happening in and around us this month. The New Moon on 10th May coincided with a Solar eclipse and the Full Moon on 25th May will be in conjunction with another Lunar eclipse. The eclipses always heighten the energies and you may therefore be feeling these more intensely. There are also solar flares affecting us and the planet at this time. There is no need for concern, just awareness that what maybe happening in your life maybe a collective experience and that you are not alone.

There are many events coming up in the coming months both with workshops that I am running and also events being run by and on behalf of Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation which I am involved with.

My forthcoming events are as follows:

Saturday 8th June - 10am -1pm
Weaving Ancestral Threads
at Glasgow Theosophical Society
In our modern Western world many if us have lost the connection to our ancestors. In the indigenous world the ancestors are honoured and revered and their teachings are used to the benefit of the community. The disconnection we experience can result in lost sense of identity, frustration and can lead to illness or dis-ease. It is our responsibility, in a time of greater human consciousness, to heal our ancestral lines for the benefit of the 7 generations behind and 7 generations forward.

This workshop will help you to connect with your most immediate ancestors and to bring balance and healing to your family lines. We will seek information through your grandparents. We will weave your family lines into balance, creating a spun cord with intention and prayer. This action can bring about healing where one family line has dominated over the others, or where one has been unrecognised for its part in our personal make up.
Do not be concerned if you have lost touch with your family lines. This does not prevent you from doing this work. The information that you need will come from Spirit.

NB- Shamanic Journeying experience is preferable prior to taking part in this workshop in order for you to gain the maximum benefit. If you would like to take part but do not have journeying experience then please contact me and I can arrange a session beforehand or alternatively attend one of my Introduction to Shamanic Journeying workshops

Cost £20/£15 concs - Please contact me to book your place

NB: This event is followed by a drumming circle organised by Kim Runninghorse should anyone wish to attend that afterwards see the event at

Sunday 9th June - 10am - 5.30pm
Harnessing your Personal Power and Truth
to be held in Garnethill
With a grounding in the Toltec and Andean teachings as well as drawing on the wisdom of other cultures we explore the concepts of personal power. This workshop will provide you with tools to help you to harness your personal power and energy to make your life purposeful and to utilise your energy effectively.You will learn how to connect to your inner knowing/self and to find your personal Truth.

Cost £55 - Booking essential

Thursday 13th - Saturday 15th June
The Awakened Lawyer Retreat
Newbold House, Forres
Are you in touch with your spirituality or just awakening to this as another possibility/aspect of life?                                                    Have you ever wondered:                                                                                                                                                        How can I be me and still be a lawyer?                                                                                                                                       How can I be spiritual and still be taken seriously?                                                                                                                  What is my Spiritual Purpose?                                                                                                                                                    If so then this retreat is designed specifically for you!
During our time together we will provide you with practices that you will be able to take back out into the everyday world and incorporate into your life
Saturday 20th July - 10am - 5.30pm
Expanding Consciousness and Inner Connection
to be held in Garnethill
This workshop takes us on an exploration of our inner realms and our connection with the Earth and the Cosmos. You will learn about Heart based consciousness and the importance of the Pineal Gland. This is a highly experiential workshop designed for you to access places within that you may never have accessed before.

Cost - £55 - Booking is essential

There are a number of events being run by GCEF. Further Details can be found on Facebook Grandmothers Circle Scotland page.
Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation – Forthcoming events all at Glasgow Theosophical Society –                           (unless otherwise stated)
May 2013
19th - Womens Circle – 2.00-5.00pm – Donation £5
25th - A Journey through Storytelling – with Wendy Woolfson and Daru McAleece – 9.30-4pm 
 Edinburgh Shamanic Centre – Balerno - £50
if unable to afford please contact Wendy or Daru direct to discuss:
Daru Tel: 01896 833 810  Mobile: 07853 845019
Wendy Mobile: 07505 201618
June 2013
2nd  Chakra Flow Workshop with Andrea Bauer – 12.30 -5.30pm  Suggested Donation - £25/£15 concession
8th - Drumming Circle – 2 – 5pm -Donation - £3
9th  Enneagram Workshop – 1.00-6.00pm - Cost: £25/£15 concession
16th  Multicultural Musical event – 2.00 – 5.30pm - Entry price- £10.
30th  Trance Dance – 12.30 -5.30pm -  Suggested   Donation - £25/£15 conc
July 2013
7th Mixed Circle – 2 – 5pm - Donation £5
14th Community Healing Day Fundraiser– £15/£10
21st – Drumming Circle – 2 – 5pm - Donation - £3

You may also be interested in reading/hearing the May Energy by Lee Harris

Please note that I am also available for one to one sessions

With love and blessings

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